"Stretch your dummy, not your wallet"
Get to know what makes us different...
StretchRopingDummies is family owned and operated out of "Cowboy Capitol of The World", Stephenville, TX.

Having roped our whole lives, we never could justify paying more for a roping dummy than most parents spend on a kids first car - Heck, more than a kids first horse nowadays.  So, we set out to create an affordable, durable and effective roping dummy.  Since March 2019, we have strived to provide our customers with a dummy that exhibits quality workmanship at a fair price. Our motto is "Stretch Your Dummy, Not Your Wallet".

We believe that disciplined practice truly is the direct path to take your roping skills to the next level.  We encourage everyone to rope their dummy often; notice the improvements in your roping, in your horsemanship, and in your horse.

Stay Safe and Never Be Outworked!